Marilia Destot is a french photographer, living and working between Paris and New York. 
Portraitist, fashion and dance photographer, Marilia Destot likes working on a variety of projects and initiating art collaborations in different fields.
Marilia Destot's personal work focuses, through portrait, dance and landscapes series, on the writing of time&space intertwined, and our trace within it. She keeps experimenting the photo-medium into different narrative and visual dimensions : chronophotography, diaries, sequences, correspondence, open forms where the subject can expend through repetitions, variations, lapses. Her practice is deeply connected to the place and people she creates in and with : it’s all about the experience, the encounter, and its recorded/revisited memory, free to float and resonate with the viewer’s imagination and intimate world.

Her work was awarded in 2008 (bourse du talent) and 2000 (SACD) and presented in many shows in Europe and the U.S. , particularly at the Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles, at the Bourse du Talent/BNF in Paris (Ellipses 2008), at the French Institute in New York (Variations for Two 2010), and in large urban installations curated by the Foundation Artbridge in Brooklyn NY and Italy (Variations for Two 2010-2011, and Gowanus Dance 2014-2015).
Alongside her dedication to long-term personal projects, she is a regular contributor to the press, publishing houses, kids and fashion brands.
Selected exhibitions & screenings
2017 La Promesse - les carnets, workshop édition, Les Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles, France 
2016 Gowanus Dance, Neither Here Nor There, Radiator Arts Gallery , Long Island City, NY, USA
2015-2016  Gowanus Dance, Urban Modulations/ArtBridge, L’Aquila, Italy
2014-2015  Gowanus Dance, Urban Modulations/ArtBridge, Brooklyn, NY, USA 
2011-2012  Variations for Two, Work in Progress/ArtBridge, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2010  Fragmented Body, Variations for Two, French Institute Gallery, New York, USA
2010  Same hour, different place..., with Angelle, La Commanderie, Lacommande, France
2010 Ellipses, Si d’aventures..., Maison de la Photographie, Grenoble, France
2009  The Body Close Up, film screening at Maison Française/NYU, New York, USA
2008  Ellipses, Bourse du Talent, BNF, Paris, France
2007  Diaries, Galerie Agnès Martel, Morges, Suisse
2004  Le bain...portraits aquatiques, Galerie MK2 Bibliothèque, Paris, France
2003  Le bain...portraits aquatiques, Galerie Cupillard, Grenoble, France
2001  La correspondance photographique, Voies Off, Les Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles, France
2000  Alice ecilA, Rencontres Europénnes de la Jeune Création Numérique, Valenciennes, France
2000  Rêves, Voies Off, Les Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles, France
2000  Photomaton, portraits d'identités, Les Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles, France

multimedia collaborations & creations
2009 Same hour, different place..., a photographic correspondance between France & US, with the photographer Angelle
2008 The Body Close Up, a documentary film about Ariane Lopez-Huici’s photography work
2001 La correspondance photographique , an experimental collective project with the magazine
2000 Literary Short Movies, la princesse et le clown , & Paris ne finit jamais , ed.
2000 Alice ecilA, an interactive photographic fiction inspired by Alice in Wonderland from Lewis Carroll

2008 Special Prize for the series Ellipses, Bourse du Talent Espace #36 , Paris, France
2003 First Prize for the competition Ville de Paris/ Dotation Pentax, Paris, France
2000 SACD's Prize for Alice ecilA, European Meeting of Young Digital Creation, Valenciennes, France

public collections
National Collection BNF, Paris, France
Public Art Collection Artothèque de Grenoble, France

2012 Ellipses, Marilia Destot, Blurb editions, San Francisco, USA 
2010 La même heure, quelque part ailleurs..., Marilia Destot & angelle, Blurb editions, San Francisco, USA

exhibition catalogues
2010 Fragmented Body, with a text by Gérard de Cortanze, French Institute - Alliance Française Gallery, NY, USA
2010 Si d’aventures..., with a text by Isabelle Varloteaux, Catalogue n°5 de la Maison de la Photographie et de l’Image, Grenoble, France

selected press and online features
2014 The Swap project, curated by Stuart Pillington
2013 Book Film Painting project , curated by Stuart Pillington
2012 Urbanautica platform, curated by Steve Bisson
2009 Declic Photo (France) | Marilia Destot - portfolio Ellipses, by Nathalie Degardin 
2009 ArtCritical (USA) | Film review on The Body Close Up, by Deborah Garwood
2007 Photophiles (France) | Marilia Destot - l' exposition Diaries, by Laurence Bagot
2007 Journal de Morges (Suisse) | Marilia Destot - l'exposition Diaries, by Jean-Jacques Gallay
2007 (France) | Marilia Destot - photographe
2004 Photophiles (France) | Le bain...portraits aquatiques de Marilia Destot, by Laurence Bagot
2003 Dauphiné Libéré (France) | Dans le bain avec Marilia Destot
2003 Le Petit Bulletin (France) | Héroïnes au bain
2003 Les Affiches (France) | Portraits de baignoires avec demoiselles, by Jean-Louis Roux
2002 Photo Video Magazine (France) | Intuitions, entretien avec Marilia Destot, by Régine Janvier
2000 Foto Magazin (Germany/Allemagne) | NewTalent - Die Stars Von Morgen

selected clients
Drozdzik, Elsa Esturgie Paris, Paper Dream Brooklyn, Vena Cava, Kimiko Mori, Uenai Couture, Lire Magazine, Psychologies Magazine, Philosophie Magazine, Nova Magazine, Archi Design, Version Femina, Marie-Claire, L'Express, Phosphore Magazine, Réponses Photo, Editions Gallimard, Editions de l'Olivier, Editions La Découverte, Cite de la Musique, Cie Songes, Babydeedee, Petidoux, Pearhead, Ubbi

2001 Master of Multimedia, CNAM, Paris, France 
2000 Master of Photography, ENS Louis Lumière, Paris, France
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